1. The RPD Consulting is one of most profesional International Project Management Company in Latvia.

    RPD Consulting as company was established in June 2007 with emploed engineers having 20 to 45 year work experience in construction and Project Management business.

    RPD Consulting undertakes assignments related to project management, from early feasibility studies to final acceptance. One of the major policies of RPD Consulting is to maintain a total independence from other consulting firms, contractors and suppliers.
    Accordingly RPD Consulting has no other interests than those of the Client, which will secure that the attention is completely focused on the Client.

    As an independent project manager RPD Consulting can always propose the best possible solutions with respect to the project and the preferences of the Client. Our advice on how to run a project is based on the specific conditions for each project, and not to fit into any standard.

    RPD Consulting is working under the ISO Codes 9001 and 14000. We are very proud to state that RPD Consulting is well advanced in respect of Quality and Environment assurance.

    RPD Consulting staff has an expierience as Project Manager/Construction Manager for a large number of commercial buildings like offices, hotels and shopping centers.

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