1. SIA RPD Consulting reference projects




    Moller Auto SIA 2014


    Reconstruction of Car center

    Project Management and supervision for Construction stage 1,5milj.EUR

    Center A7 SIA 2013

    Shopping Centre Center A7

    Project Management and supervision for design Construction stage 3,5milj.EUR

    JETS AS Norway 2012

    Vacuumpump factoryand sorage in Saldus

    Project Management and supervision for Construction stage 5milj.EUR

    NCH group represented by DOMUSS in Riga 2012

    Residential building block Gipsa fabrika - 2

    Project Management and supervision for Design, Tender and Construction stage 9000 m2for 10milj.EUR

    National Property Board Sweden

    Embassy of Sweden in Riga

    Civil inspection and maintenance

    Baltic Pork SIA

    Started 2010

    Pig Farm, Biogas factory

    Technical and financial supervision

    6 milj.EUR

    Siemens Industrial AB

    Finspong Sweden; ongoing

    Power station of city Perm – TEC 6 in Russia

    Civil inspection and Quality inspection


    Build Up SIA 2010

    Adazi Shopping Center

    Bank and Technical supervision 2mLVL

    Ragn – Sells SIA


    Recycling station in Riga

    Project Management and Technical supervision for 3000m2 for 3milj.EUR

    Thales Rail Signaling Solutions Baltics SIA

    Railway signaling cable work 350km

    Quality control and Technical supervision

    Baltijas Dizaina Viesnica

    Started in 2006

    Building reconstruction for 5* exclusive hotel in down town

    Consulting for Project elaboration and construction stage.


    Started in 2007

    Sandwich panel factory

    Riga region, Siguldas distric,

    Project management and supervision . 2000 m2 par 300 000 LVL

    SIA Reznas centrs.

    2 Started in 2006

    RIMI hypermarket

    Full Project Management, 7000 m2, 5.6 MEUR

    SAS Flight Academy AB

    Started in 2005

    SAS flight academy

    Simulator building

    Full Project Management, 3000 m2, 3 MEUR

    SIA Hotels Development Agency

    Started in 2004

    Hotel Latvia extension

    Full Project Management, 200 hotel rooms and conference rooms for 1000 persons. Value is 20 MEUR.

    SIA OSTBY Holding,

    Started in 2005

    Ostby sandwich house factory

    Full Project Management, 7000 m2, Project value is 3 MLVL

    Tampere Invest SIA

    Started in 2005

    Shopping Centre Galerija CENTRS

    Reconstruction in Old town. Full Project Management. 32000 m2; 30 MEUR

    Ulemiste OU

    Started in 2001

    Ulemiste shopping centre in Tallinn

    Full Project Management. 50000m2 value is 30 MUSD

    SIA Real Invest

    Started in 2003

    Shopping Centre Olympia

    Project management, 20 000 m2,

    20 MUSD

    SIA „Tirdzniecibas centrs MOLS”

    Started in 2002

    MOLS Shopping Centre extension and parking

    Project management, 25 000 m2,

    18 MUSD

    SIA Delta Property

    Started in 2003

    ALFA shopping centre 2.floor reconstruction

    Project management, 10 000 m2;

    2,6 MUSD

    SIA Linstow Varner

    Started in 2001

    Shopping centre ORIGO

    Project management 44 500 m2 ,

    Value of project is 30 MUSD

    UAB Reval Hotel Neris

    Kaunas Lithuania

    Reconstruction of Hotel Neris

    Contract advisor 12 MEUR

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